Ororo Productions:
Dave is the main driving force behind Ororo, working as Producer and Director.

Edinburgh Theatre Co.:
Dave works as Production Assistant and London liason for ETC

Edinburgh Theatre Co.


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"David Dawkins turns
in an attractive performance..."
 Joyce McMillan,
The Scotsman

"Winning the Audience Award for Best Short was entirely due to Dave's Performance."
 Chico Pereira,

Recent Work


The Dunwich Horror,
H. P. Lovecraft,
Courtyard Theatre

Wine Critic's Friend:
Gordon's Gin,
Hungry Man Productions

Dr Alan Gibson:

Still in Love, Ian Winterton, Drayton Theatre


After attending VCA for a Three Year Degree in Acting, Dave worked in film, theatre and TV. He has performed in UK, Australia and New
York, where he worked in Richard Nellist's Ragbone Theatre. Recent work has included three major roles in independent feature films, lead roles in Women of Asia's, "Blood Wedding", and "Prodigal Daughter". He also works as the company's Production Assistant.  Dave currently resides in London, UK, and continues to study acting and pursue his interests in writing, directing and gong fu.